NUST Cyber Security Club is the additional instrument provided by NUST to its students to prevail over the industry. This club is to bridge the gap between academia, industry and the state-of-the-art research. We will provide you with many opportunities that will give students taste of working in high level organizations with extensive and meticulous teams. The veterans of our community our equipped with leadership skills, communication and entrepreneurial expertise with teamwork empowerment. This student run organization provides education and workshops upon many topics such as digital security, ethical hacking and various sub technologies regarding Artificial Intelligence. We encourage students’ participation to any extent they are willing.


As one of the student clubs in NUST we provide with Cyber specific events and how to deal with its’ security and safeguard it against threats. Involving state-of-the-art tools and techniques and providing those skills to the student body.

Heaven for techies

If you also have had that dream where you could be consuming knowledge about the craft you love with like-minded people just as enthusiastic and enthralled by tech. This is the place for you, because here at NCSC we have a community with a variety of teams, each with its own specialty. You will learn not just about the usual tech stuff, but also its applications and implications in the real world. This is the place that will hone your skills and provide you the set up for your own tech endeavors for the future.


Looking to indulge in everything tech? This club will make you glad that you didn’t miss out on the plethora of opportunities. We’ve covered events ranging from Cyber Security, AI, Cloud Computing and pretty much whatever else there exists in this ever-emphatic digitized world! You will get a chance to talk to people with a boat load of knowledge in the tech world who have gone through it all in various fields. At the same time, depending on how dexterous your technical skills are, we may even make you the lead speaker for an event, just prove yourself to us. We will give you the chance to attend a whole host of workshops, and henceforth, the opportunity to learn skills directly from the source. From seminars, workshops to social networking with tech savvy entities. We provide it all. Once you get the gist of it from our side, you’ll be able to conquer many obstacles!